AT89LP2052 Eval Elliptecmotor KIT (V1 SMD)


This AT89LP2052 Elliptecmotor Starter Kit has several features:

- Quick Start: The KIT will be shipped with mounted Ellepticmotor and installed Testprogramm
- Documentation: Visual Basic, Access VBA and Assembler sample Files for PWM, Serial Com, IC, D/A and A/D Conversion, how Elliptecmotor is working..Schematics...inlude other ideas: 5 Cent A/D converter, using IC EEProm ST24C16, read and write EEProm with an PC via RS232, an idea to measure capacities
(sorry: complete Documentation (>100 pages) is in German Language)
- serial Port with Maxim 232 for serial communication
- D/A converter with MAX538X, I2C programmable
- 2 Pinheads for Port 1 and Port 3,  Reset connector
- ISP programmable via serial port with SS Signal support
- IRF FET Driver for PWM
- 7805 / 78S05 regulator
- Atmel compatible AT89ISP Pinheader or use integrated Serial-ISP interface for programming
- This Board can be used for Flash programming with GMS Flash Software via RS232
- Easy IDE: upload your program via ser. Port (no additional Programmer needed) and start the device
Complete use of the SPI Port is possible because the integrated Serial-SPI inteface can be disabled (tri stated) via serial Port. Only one Jumper might be set to disable the On Board Serial-ISP interface if the microcontroller program needs to communicate via Serial Port after programming when the host Software is using the RTS signal.
- optional: connector for optical encoders, INT 0 or INT1 interrupt support

With this board you can test the microcontoller and learn more about the LP2052/4052 PWM functions, Elliptec piezo actuators, SPI or I2C Programming. The In Sytem Programming allows you to download your programming code via Serial port and to restart the microcontroller. As an example, you are able to step the elliptec actuator forward and backward through host software via serial port. The hardware supports current measurement of the elliptec actuator with the Maxim 8-bit DA converter and also optical encoders that you can find out the best hardware-software-solution for your requirements. 

As Atmel states on their hompage: Your designs will give your more than you expected...

You can find more details about the microcontroller in the Atmel specifications: (
Atmel specs ).
Here you can find more details about the elliptec motor: ( elliptec Resonant Actuators ).


Flash Programmer Software
Programming the flash through serial Port  is controlled by GMS software running on the host. The software supports writing the flash memory (hex files), Lock bits and user fuses in SPI /ISP programming mode. The software can handle the RST and SPI signals of the microcontroller. The user must set one jumper to program the non volatile Flash code memory of the device. Programming mode ist displayed with one additional LED.

This PCB also supports Atmel compatible ISP header. That means that you can use the Atmel ISP Programming Software ATMELISP.

IDE for Atmel Microcontroller and Elliptecmotors
Your own development will be easy: Upload and flash  your compiled hex or bin file via serial Port, start the microcontroller software, test your hardware, use C, VB, Delphi, .net or other Software to communicate with microcontroller via the same serial Port or change your PWM parameters on the fly........ upload the next 8051 compatible file...

Quick Start with Elliptecmotors
The Kit includes a working Elliptecmotor with on some small mechanics. A small assembler testprogramm is included and a VB / Access XP Software Utility allows you to get a working modell in a very short time with forward and backward motion control.

A small Visual Basic program (and an additional assembler file) will help you to understand how you can use the motor with other 8051 compatible Microcontroller.

 Eliptecmotor MiniMikro designs

Smaller designs with Atmel AT89LP devices for low cost applications.
The MiniMikro page introduces to smaller designs with Atmel LP devices and future designs (20*25mm PCB with controller and FET driver for Elliptecmotor)

MiniMikro Designs

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