MiniMikro Designs for Elliptecmotors 

The intention of our MiniMikro designs are to analyze the possibilities of using the elliptecmotor for low cost applications and to offer some small pcb's or ready designs for your different rotary and linear solutions and ideas. It is not the intention to perform micrometer positioning accuracy but at least a good performance for moving backward and forward and for stepping the elliptecmotor. 

The  MiniMikro designs support the Atmel ISP/SPI Programming interface.This will allow you to flash (upload/download) your own 8051 assembler software. The programmable I/O lines are for easy signal implementation e.g. you might want to program various external start / stop / forward / backward / stepping switches or external sensors for your environment as you need it to control your mechanics.

The feedback of the Elliptecmotor current is not measured with an integrated and cost effective A/D converter. The MiniMikro designs use our low cost idea to get the feedback of the elliptecmotor for forward and backward operation frequencies and might also be helpfull to adapt the elliptecmotor to other existing, single cycle 8051 microcontroller designs.

You can find more details about the microcontroller in the Atmel specifications: (Atmel specs ).
Here you can find more details about the elliptec motor: (Elliptec Resonant Actuators ).

 MiniMikro PCB x052 Elliptecmotor

A picture of our MiniMikro idea with AT89LP2052

20*27 mm PCB with AT89LPx052 
   8051 compatible
   2k or 4k Flash, external crystal
   ISP Connector (2.5mm), can be used as 5 GP I/O
   ISP programmable
   7 additional GP I/O Lines (0-5V) P3 e.g.
     2wire Communication IC or ser /RxD,TxD

     SYSCLK Out
   5 Volt Vcc
   Power LED

20*15 mm PCB Elliptecmotor driver PCB
    FET Driver (4 Signal: power - f in - sense)
    connector for Elliptecmotor 

A picture of our working prototype (Jan. 2006)

The additional PCB with the switches (as user interface) was mounted direct onto the ISP Pinhead and controls calibration, moving / stepping forward and backward.

 MiniMikro LP 214 Elliptecmotor

A picture of our next generation MiniMikro idea
with the new Atmel LP214 microcontroller.

(Hint: the Length of the Elliptecmotor ist 20mm (without Spring))
20*25 mm PCB with FET driver 
   8051 compatible
   2k Flash, internal crystal
   ISP Connector (2 mm)
   ISP / SPI programmable
   8 GP I/O Line (0-5V) P3 e.g.
4-5 Volt Vcc
   2 layer


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