AT89LP Family Field Programmer V1

Programming equipments with AT89LP devices in the field without any PC.

The AT89LP microcontroller family supports In System Programming (ISP) Flash memory through the SPI Port.
Flash Programming can be done with the various programmers e.g. our AT89LP USB Programmer stick. But..... you still need a PC or other equipment 

This small stick adapts direct to our USB Programer Stick. 
In  the office:
A software allows you to download bin or hex files (for the target AT89LP equipment) to this Field Programmer. 
In the field:
You just connect this adapter to the AT89ISP connector of the target equipment. If the button is pressed this adapter will flash your equipment with the new software.
This is ideal if you have to change System configurations in the field.
No PC and no user knowledge needed.

This design supports the AT89ISP Cable 10-pin Male Header Pinout.

The AT89LP216 device on the adapter can be flashed with the USB Programmer stick to allow several other solutions like data field collected datas to this adapter....

 AT89LP Field Programmer

A picture of our USB - Field Programmer PCB prototype.

Any input is welcome: Mail