AT89LP Family USB Programmer V1

High speed In System Programming for  AT89LP Flash Memory

The AT89LP microcontroller family supports In System Programming (ISP) Flash memory through the SPI Port.

Flash Programming can be done with the GMS PPS Programming Adapter or with the Atmel AT89ISP Adapter via parallel Port.
On our AT89LP evaluation boards we are using a RS232 - SPI converter logic. We offer dedicated Flash Software for programming the LP devices via RS232.  In this case you also could use an additional USB - RS232 converter with hardware handshaking but this is working slow (In this case 2 k Flash Programming will take some minutes)

The LP USB Programmer will flash 2K-4K within one to two seconds, will support the complete LP device family and could also be used as USB-SPI converter or for data-acquisition. This design supports the AT89ISP Cable 10-pin Male Header Pinout.

 LP USB Programmer

A picture of our USB - SPI Programmer PCB prototype. PCB Size: 40mm*20mm

An enhanced design also supports USB power to the Connector (jumper selectable) and the TxD / RxD signals for serial communication.

Download Flyer (500kb, pdf format): Product Flyer

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