Atmel / Elliptecmotor Evaluation / Development Boards

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Atmel LP 2052 / 4052  - development board This evaluation / development board supports the Atmel AT89LP2052/4052 microcontroller. In System Programming is supported via serial Port or Atmel ISP connector. The board can be upgraded with additional parts to use PWM (e.g. for elliptecmotors) or/and an additional MAX 8-bit DA converter. LPx052 Eval Board V1 
Quick Start Elliptecmotor KIT This Kit is using the Atmel AT89LP2052  microcontroller. In System Programming is supported via serial Port or Atmel ISP connector. The Kit includes a complete board and one working Elliptecmotor and some additional software. LP2052 Elliptecmotor Kit 
C-Meter Low Cost - C-Meter
measure capacitors with AT89LPDevices with good accuracy (for applications with capacitive or resistive sensors)
MiniMikro Elliptecmotor projects

Smaller designs with Atmel AT89LP devices for low cost applications.
The MiniMikro page introduces to smaller designs with Atmel LP devices and future designs (20*25mm PCB with controller and FET driver for Elliptecmotor)

MiniMikro Designs
Industrial I/O Board
Atmel LP 2052 / 4052
This prototype board was designed for a specific industrial quality measurement system.
The board has 3 8-bit Ports (16 lines for steppermotors or 12V valves, 8 additional I/O Lines) and I2C interface...
The GMS hostsoftware supports timings for the I/O Ports and can do actions at every timerintervall (e.g. measurements, wait for input, compare and jump...)
Industrial Board 
Voltage control
Atmel LP2052 / LP4052
The Atmel microcontroller controls the current between 300mA and 500mA AT89LP V control