Atmel LP Flash Programmers and Flash / ISP Software

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GMS Atmel LP
PP SPI Programmer
This 2052 / 4052 programmer design is using the SPI programming mode with enhanced SS Signal support via Parallel Port. (This version supports the Atmel AT89ISP 10 PIN Pinhead and Atmel ISP Software)
PP-SPI Programmer V1  
Atmel AT89ISP Software The AT89ISP Software performs in-system programming (link to Atmel) Atmel ISP Software
ISP Programmer cable documentation
In order to use the AT89ISP software, the user will need to have an Atmel AT89ISP cable (link to Atmel).  AT89 ISP cable
mrk Flash Software
In System Programming for GMS Atmel LP PP SPI Programmer, for LPx052 Eval Board and Elliptecmotor Kit via serial Port. mrk Flash Software 
USB Programmer Stick
USB -SPI converter
Data Acquisition
USB Stick high speed programmer for the Atmel 8051 LP family, for data-acquisition or USB SPI converter.
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USB Programmer 
   USB Programmer Driver Driver for USB ISP Programming adapter  
   USB Flash Software USB Flash Software.  
GMS Atmel LP Field Programmer Stick Programming equipments with AT89LP devices without any Personal Computer
A small stick can flash new configurations and software. This stick can be pre-programmend and flashed via the USB Programmer Stick.
Field Programmer 
Atmel 2052 / 4052
Parallel Port Programmer
The AT 89LPx052 provides two interfaces for programming with same command format. The serial ISP Programming interface supports one additional SS Signal for Programming.
This 2052 / 4052 programmer design uses the parallel programming mode via Parallel Port. Only parallel programming can re-enable the ISP Fuse. This programmer is also usefull if you need to write the user fuses to disable the XTAL Osc Bypass fuse of the LP2052 to use the device in your existing 2051 hardware designs.
PP-P Programmer